Instructors - Global Focus

CEO Aina Giving

Carmen Westbrook

Mother, Diplomat, Leadership Developer, and Marathoner - Carmen currently lives in Rome, Italy, where she works with governments to bring in that mother voice and support rising mother leaders. As a diplomat and mother, she knows how to build community - and brings a sense of adventure and fun into every program she runs.

Marika Nikkinen

A leadership coach (PCC, CPCC) and a mom, living in Sweden, who wants to create better world for all of us through coaching, leadership development and awareness of our body-mind connection.

Sharon Njoki

Non-profit division head at Aina Giving living in Kenya. She works with vulnerable populations through different empowerment programs that enable them to become change-makers in their communities.

Instructors - Individual Focus

Partner & Coach

Isabelle Lee-Gelard

Isabelle, our French connection, centers on supporting women in their leadership role, focusing on holding grace for each other, building that support network, and interactive fun. As a former improv professional and childcare specialist, Isabelle brings in that sense of fun and joy to any training that she is leading and co-creating.

Karla Corona

As a fitness and health coach in California, Karla is definitely the coolest coach of the bunch. Having trained and coached elite athletes and moms (maybe they're the same...), Karla brings her amazing to this party - and reminds us that even working out can be fun.

Antonina Klentsova

With her amazing ApplyArt method, Antonina brings a breadth of emotional intelligence and knowledge in all contexts. As an experienced digital consultant in the international environment as well as ITIL expert, author and organizational system coach. She is passionate about the synergy of the best practices in diverse industries such as art, digital, leadership and coaching.

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